She Be Blingin'

Christmas turned out to be the year of the jewelry, as I received more than a few baubles for my collection. Here are some of my favorites. 

Purchased with a gift card from the Gerners. I also received a maaah-sive amber necklace from them as well. 

Mossy. From Jessica. 

From Emily.

From Ashley.

Jody gave me something particularly cool this year: a pair of brass knuckles. It's a gift that, to an outsider, might seem a little odd. Neither of us are prone to random acts of violence, but both she and I saw a potential in those sucker punchers beyond their utilitarian purpose. Today I fashioned them into a harness/chain vest. 


jen said...

oh look at you with the altered "vest" necklace. very cool. and that mossy ring jess got you. awesome.

Moorea Seal said...

oh my goodness that mossy ring. i covet.

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