Europe, Pt. 1 of 1,000,000,000

Thought I'd at least be honest in my assessment of how many posts it will take to adequately recap my recent travels across the Atlantic. Maybe I'm aiming too low with one million, but darn it, I'm just so bad with numbers. I'm the person who, when asked "So how many people would you say were there?" answers, "About four hundred-fifty," in unison with someone else who might say, "Twenty or thirty." Oh. Right, their number. That's what I meant. 

For those of you who aren't in the know, I traveled east of LA's Eden for Quiksilver Women in Europe, accompanying the stupendous Beth Jones of B. Jones Style. Beth is a brand ambassador for QSW, and the purpose of our trip was to meet with various fashion bloggers around France and the UK to show them the QSW line and to see how they chose to wear pieces mixed in with their own famously fantastic senses of style. So if you just read all that and all you saw was blah blah blah playtime blah blah blah galavant around Europe blah blah blah FASHION! blah blah blah doing what Laurel loves the most blah blah OMG, CREPES! Then you read correctly. Because that was basically the gist of things and I'm completely blown away and honored to have been asked to participate in a trip like this. 

We'll be posting more photos of the fashion, the bloggers, and the experience as the days and weeks roll on, so there are many things I can't show you just yet, but I thought I'd get things started with a few of my personal pics, images I snapped that don't really have anything to do with QSW or time-sensitive material (trust me; that's coming in spades and you're going to love it). So enjoy this little taste of Paris, friends. More to come. 

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