Europe, Pt. 2 of Eleventy Billion

Here's a little taste of Hossegor and Biarritz:

The Quiksilver House - this is where we stayed in Hossegor

They tell me the waves were huge that day; given my fear of octopi, the waves ALWAYS look huge to me.

Typical breakfast, plus croissants and jam

Abandoned WWII bunkers in Capbreton. They used to be on the bluffs, but over time they've slipped down into the sea. Seriously cool. 

Oh, this little guy? No big deal, he's just a PUPPY. 


Capbreton, France

I set foot in one cathedral (in Biarritz) and took exactly one photo, and this is it. 

Mike Ruffino told me to get some lovin' while in France, and though I'm sure this isn't exactly what he had in mind, I'll take it. 


the style crusader said...

such beautiful photos. i love your dress in the last photo! the print/shape/colours look stunning. xx

HilaryInspired said...

Laurel, that cathedral is amazing!!! I absolutely took my breathe away. I can't imagine sitting there underneath it all.

LD said...

I know - it really makes the whole experience so much more meaningful - which is sort of the point of church, so...if it's between thinking about heavenly things in a gorgeous 500-year-old cathedral or a renovated strip mall gymnasium...I'll choose the cathedral, thanks.

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