London Calling: The Style Crusader

When Beth brought Jennifer from The Style Crusader into our suite at the Zetter, the introduction didn't start with names or even greetings. Beth announced, "Jennifer is from Fullerton!

Even on the other side of the Atlantic, we found ourselves meeting people from our neck of the woods (our videographer, Michael, went to Art Center in Pasadena and is a native Californian). UK-transplant Jen runs a fantastic blog called The Style Crusader, and yes, she's spent plenty of time on the West Coast as well. Here are a few images I snapped of Jen while she played dress up with the latest QSW line.


geisharock said...

ahh wish i'd been there :) what a cool duo xx

the style crusader said...

that was such a fun day and so funny that you guys went to Biola! i love all the photos! xx

Emeraldo123 said...

Jen you look so cute!! I love the hat; hippie chic at it's finest.

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