Polka Dot

I had the privilege of attending Brett's book release party on Friday night, so I thought I'd take even more advantage of the blowout I had been trying to extend way past its shelf life (thanks, Oliver!). Nothing a can of hairspray can't fix. I was going for Bardot, but definitely had a couple of moments wherein I suspected I was hovering more indelicately near Snooki. Either way, the party was a blast, so that's all that matters, right? 

(Polka dot wrap - Jovovich Hawk for Target, dress - Rodarte for Target, belt, nccklace, and sunnies - vintage, 
purse - Quiksilver Women, shoes - Pierre Hardy for Gap, with Target belts looped through)

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B. Jones Style said...

I'm loving it!!!!! Look at you posting iconic fashion photos.. keep them coming!

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