The Sessions

Since no name has (as of yet, anyway) been formally chosen, I'll simply refer to the following series of photos as The Sessions. Or perhaps it's a singular session, since I haven't been behind the scenes of the other sessions bookending the one you're about to see. Nevertheless, I've got some friends that you should meet. When they aren't saturating our lives with some other noble pursuit (nursing, schooling, arting, living, etc-ing), they occasionally make music. For the next two weeks (give or take, since some time has already passed) they'll be making music together. I'm foggy on the outcome, but I'm confident that whatever it is, it will be superlative.

Josh invited me to sit in on one of these sessions to observe what particular musical alchemy would be conjured up during my time there. I've been considering photography over the past couple of days, and despite the fact that the lazy dog in me can't help but fawn over technology, I'm also weary of its proliferation and immediacy. The Dennis Hopper exhibit at the MOCA had a role in this, as well as the fact that I simply get worn out looking at most of the photography bouncing around on the internet these days. Most of it looks pretty damn similar, due largely to the fact that the market is oversaturated and most of its newer participants are inspired only by the newness of what their artistic compatriots are producing. 

I digress. That's an angry rant within the walls of a glass house just waiting to happen. My point is: I thought about how each of the people in these photos has come together, bringing who they are - nothing more,  nothing less - to the table. That's all you need sometimes. Or, if you're me, a camera, a fixed lens, some manual settings, and an interest in your subject. 

Enjoy the Session(s). 

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