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Dressing for a vacation can be tough. It's one thing if said 'vacation' is another big city like the one you already live (and dress) in. But when it's somewhere insular and surrounded by water, drenched in sun and coated in sand, where the median temperature is in the 80's and more often than not, humidity is the likeliest of bedfellows, then what? Baggy capris in a quick-wick performance fabric? Hand me a pair of Crocs and shoot me in the head. Denim shorts and a sturdy-but-loved v-neck tee? Bonus points for bright colors? Bor-ring. 

At the same time, you don't want to prance around in your highest heels because, duh, there's sand everywhere, but wearing nothing but a bathing suit leaves a lot to be desired as well. All said, for a trip that's supposed to be relaxing, packing can be a pain. Which is why I thought I'd share these photos, because Sandra from 5 Inch and Up has it absolutely nailed. Head over to her blog to see the rest of her trip photos. Makes me want to board a plane yesterday.

All photos from 5 Inch and Up

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artdecodiamonds said...

Aaahhh i love your pics.. i just adore the water!

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