Blanket Fort

You know those Internet finds that are so forceful in their magnificence that they splatter your guts out the back of your head like a bullet to the brain? Just me? Okay, well, better have Clorox wipes at the ready, because this blanket fort designed by Justina Blakeney will blow yo' mind. 

Photos by Carla Richmond


Blargh. Can't type coherent sentences after seeing that masterpiece. Check out more photos along with the rest of the story over at Design*Sponge

Somehow I feel that my collection of American Apparel fleece blankets and the stray woolen Mexico blanket wouldn't quite make the cut...so in the immortal words of Liz Lemon, I want to GO to there. In fact, sidenote/anecdote, when I was in college I usually rolled deep on the bottom bunk, which I had festooned with swaths of fabric, curtains, old sarongs...the works. My roommates called it (alternately) The Nest or my Bohemian Circus Tent. All's I'm saying is, this blanket fort thing is like catnip to me. 

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Emanii said...

OMG I was totally thinking of something to do with my crappy futon and this is perfect!

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