Easter Bunny

So, Christian girl that I am, Easter's never been much about bunnies (chocolate eggs, on the other hand...). It's about a lot of other things, not the least of which is the fantastic choir at Easter Sunday Service (Ashley and I rate sunday services on a scale of how much we cry during them. 1 - 4 hankies. Yesterday was a three-hanky service, FYI), but it's not usually about bunnies. Unless, of course, a bunny happens to conveniently live with us. And what would you know--one does! And his name is Pip! And he got a bath yesterday! Cue the oooohs and ahhhhs, folks. This post will be a doozy. 

Oh, and just for fun, here's Dustin in a cubby.

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the style crusader said...

Ah! So cuuute and SUCH beautiful photos.

Happy (late) Easter! xx

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