The Wind

The Wind are a band of musicians. Right, right, like any other band. Musicians. I get it. Ah, not so fast - because the guys in The Wind aren't merely a quartet of quasi-ruffians with a tenuous grasp on Guitar 101. They're musicians - in every sense of the word. As in, one time (years ago) I passed the band's drummer, Chip, at school and asked him what he was up to. "Oh, just finishing up scoring this Canon." As in, Pachelbel's. As in, he wrote one himself. Musicians. Every single one of them. And they've got an album out, but not just any album like a 5-song EP. Nope. A double-album. 

I mean, why not? 

So if you're not hip to their jive yet, go download Harum Scarum, folks. Because these guys are for real. 

As a bonus, here are a couple of photos I snapped during a couple of their shows (and a concert photog I am not, but I thought you might enjoy all the same). 

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Anonymous said...

That pic of Chad and Nick is killer!


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