Ryan & Jocelyn

I was honored this weekend to be able to shoot my good friend Ryan's wedding in L.A. Unlike many of the other Ryans in my life (and like the Mikes and Joshes, there are many), this one and I go way back. Like way back to high school. Way back to watching Tarzan in the theater, what, three times? Way back to when people regularly used AIM as their sole form of communication because their parents wouldn't let them get a pager or a cell phone. Way back. We've kept in touch over the years because like me, Ryan attended Biola, which, incidentally, is where he met his now-wife Jocelyn (plus, we still totally use IM because we're old souls like that). 

I don't typically make my paper shooting a ton of weddings, but when Ryan and Jocelyn approached me to shoot theirs, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity for one of my oldest friends and his bride-to-be. Held at LA's Marvimon House, the day was as lovely as they come: Pitch-perfect weather, a throng of good-natured wedding guests, and a couple whose goofy irreverence and infectious chemistry made shooting the event a piece of (wedding) cake. (Okay, well don't get your knickers in a bunch; I paused for at least ten seconds there debating whether or not I should include that wedding cake pun, and despite the fact that it is as groan-inducing as wedding clich├ęs are wont to be, I'm going to forge ahead bullheadedly. Besides, I didn't get to try the cake so I had to work it in there somehow.) 

(But the sliders were awesome, Joc. Well done on that little bit of wedding planning.)

I suppose most wedding bloggers would include a smattering of names and links indicating VIPs of the day, but lacking that crucial info (as well as the title of Wedding Blogger; they're not too keen on parenthetical asides, hence why I've been banned from the club), I'll just throw a few images your way. Let's all raise our proverbial glasses, friends, in an Internet Toast to the newlyweds:

To Ryan and Jocelyn! And AOL Instant Messenger! 

See? Her dress has POCKETS. She's just that kind of girl, the kind of girl who's like, "Oh, what? I'll just keep some lip balm 
and tissues in my POCKET. No sweat. I'm prepared for this, guys." Which, of course, makes me an instant fan.

The flower girls (there were three of them!) all wore hoop skirts, which, apart from being ahhh-dorable, made me think I'd probably like to work a hoop or two into my wardrobe until I considered that this idea probably only works if you're five years old. 

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MaeMae Paperie said...

sexy couple. sexy pics. can't wait to see the rest.

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