...Did I forget to mention that I'm essentially out of the country for three weeks?

I think I may have. So...that explains why the blog has been so quiet lately. In my absence, here are a few photos snapped while in Canada last week to tide you over till the REAL images surface. Because, you know, I'm not actually one of those folks who confuses Hipstamatic for actual photography. Take that, Instagram. How about you throw a vintage filter on my FIST while I PUNCH you in the FACE?

(I really can't explain the sudden surge of violence except that I've been in a car for the past seven hours, 6hrs and 59mins of which were spent playing Settlers of Catan on an iPad. In that time, I only won twice, bested at least a dozen times by a computer player named Mary-Ann who would whine every time I stole her resources even though she KNEW she'd beat me NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN. So maybe that has something to do with it. Oh, and the fact that I just realized I'm a lonely nerd who shall remain so forever and ever, amen. Violence. Natural bi-product.)

Here's a picture of a picture from my other camera. Just LOOK at that view!

Snapped this beaut from the window of our room at the Chateau Lake Louise. 

The digs in Jasper. Reminded me of Dirty Dancing, minus the part where I sport a frizzy perm and carry a watermelon and fall in love, of course. 

Found this little hummingbird skull necklace at a tourist stop on the way to Jasper. So great. 

I picked wildflowers along the way on a hike and stuck them in my braid. Couldn't help it. 

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