Seth + Megan

Shady's back, as they say.

Took a week or so off to ponder the meaning of life watch American Horror Story through my fingers like the little sissy I really am, among other things.

Over the weekend I accompanied a certain missus Lehua Faulkner, née Kamakawiwoole (Hawaiian for "Uh...what?")*, to the illustrious hillocks of Napa for the wedding of Seth** and Megan. I was background support for this particular venture, so you'll have to hit 'refresh' a few hundred times over at Lehua's site to see the whole shebang, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite shots from the day. 

*I may have just offended a good majority of Hawaiian people with that comment, which, when you consider that this is supposed to be one of those suuuuuper PC "YAY WEDDINGS LOVE AND MIRACLES AND HERE ARE THE VENDORS I WORKED WITH!" types of posts, is pretty impressive. I mean come on...celebrating love and pissing people off? It wouldn't be a typical workday if I didn't do at least one of those. 

**Speaking of scratching people's backs, Seth's also a photographer.***  Check out his work here

***Isn't everyone? Yes, as it turns out, literally everyone is. The difference here, of course, is that Seth is a good one. As is Lehua. Did I pimp you her site enough yet? No? Okay, HERE!

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