So begins the Holiday season: I dusted off the Christmas albums today. And by 'dusted' and 'albums' I mean that I pressed the ol' Play button on my iTunes tried-and-true Christmas mix. Nothing says "Yule Be Glad I Didn't Make a Christmas Pun Here" quite like belting (and I do mean belting) not one, but both parts of "Baby It's Cold Outside." Move over, Ella and Louis. There's a new crooner in town. (Hint: It's me. The crooner is me.) 

Say! Speaking of seasons, I'm on a fast track to my slow season. Not that glamour shots of matching Christmas sweaters aren't my thing, but--yeah, they're not my thing. During the next 2-3 months I'm going to be taking some time to rethink, revamp, redesign, reevaluate, and drink a helluva lot of wine during work hours. The blog, the Tumblr, the website, the whole enterprise will go under scrutiny while I gear up for 2012. 

That's where you come in. I'm looking for feedback (I know, I know. All five of you just rolled your eyes in unison). Just kidding, I have more than five readers! That's a lot of eye-rolling. Personally, on a typical day of heroically slogging through all the Internet sludge there is out there, my peepers make more rotations than an engineer's guide to Six Flags. Hence, the feedback. Some of you are glancers, others faithful readers, and others still are maniacal stalkers (M. Wilson, I'm looking at you. You too, Mr. Price). Whatever your level of devotion, I'd be swimming in a sea of gratitude if you'd take a second to leave me a comment and let me know what you'd like to see more of. More photo posts? More rants? More writing? More fashion? More nonsensical rambling? More music? 

Now's your chance to let me know what you think is working and what you'd like to see more of. I'm already bracing myself for the maelstrom of utter nonsense all of the Michaels I know might send my way (Posey, Hamilton, Ruffino, et al), but if any of you would actually like to be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Don't be shy! 

I swear, I'm nice at least 51% of the time. 

(P.S. Here are a couple of photos. Unrelated, but I took 'em and I like 'em.)


jen murse said...

photos are always my fave to see but you have the tumblr too. so maybe you can integrate the two. i see overlap on them but not with intentional driving of traffic between the two. perhaps tease on the blog and then link to the tumblr. get more traction for both? i'm not sure. i also love the rants of course. because i love how you write. so make sure 2012 is filled with plenty of that!

Merl said...

more rants! more music! I just read and re read and shared on the only two social media outlets I use [the twatter & stalkerbook] your most recent post about the depersonalization of fashion blogs. I honestly could not -and it viscerally pains me to admit this, ms big talker that I am- have stated it better myself. I would also take it one step further and question why none of these women want to use their pseudo celebrity for good rather than their own selfish gain? BAH.

oh and I love me some behind the scenes shots of photoshoots.. just saying.

LD said...

Merl - a ha-yoooge thank you for your feedback. Glad I could have provided a voice for that nagging Thing We Can't Quite Put Words To. And more rants, you say? Please. When I work out, sweat doesn't stream out my pores. Rants do. It's as natural as breathing.

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