A Tale of Two Turkeys

There were two, one was baked, the other deep fried. Both delicious.

How about my brevity there? Chew on that, Dickens. 

Such is life in the So 'Hoe, guys. 

One day when I write my New York Times best seller, I'll just roll the dice and pick one of the above for my novel's stellar opening sentence. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't secretly hoping it's the third one. But for the sake of not alienating every single person who ever dared glance upon my little Internet space here, I'll keep the narrative moving at a modest clip so we can get to the photos. 

Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe. We beat every single odd out there and actually made excellent time despite the fact that we left Long Beach at 4:45pm on Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving. Did I mention it was 4:45 pee em? I was so wound up about the drive and the prospect of parking lot traffic that I'd even kvetched about the whole ordeal to my therapist. I should've known that circumstances would find a way to make me look like an idiot for even worrying at all. Traffic? At that time of day? Pssshhhh. Please. Let's just leave right at 5, because we're going to float above it all and arrive in South Lake Tahoe no later than 7:45. 

Once there, Newbie (local celebrity that he is) delighted in showing us the sights of his childhood: the forest behind his house that, when buried in snow, allowed him to come skiing off the mountain and just swoosh right up to his front door like the snow bunny he is. The modest "fifteen-minute walk" to the lookout over Emerald Bay that ended up being more like a 30-minute boulder-scrambling expedition from one steep hillside to another, steeper cliffside. The local casino where the drinks are free and the betting's always good at the 25-cent horse races. The beloved breakfast joint whose owners talked of co-parenting his precocious high school-aged self. The precarious roads snaking the outskirts of Fallen Leaf Lake, thick with ice, on which we may have had a very close call. 

In other words, it was a weekend without flaw, complete with good weather, great food, and better friends. Since I promised, on to the pictures!

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the style crusader said...

Three things:

1. You look hot in that hat and fur combo - that is so perfectly you.

2. You're making me want to hijack one of your trips... please come back to Europe soon (or else I'll have to come to California).

3. I now really want to go on a road trip.

That's all. xx

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