2011 In Review


Where has the time gone, you guys? Soooooo sorry for the lack of posting, I've been swept up in the Christmas spirit and haven't found ANY time to post! I promise I'll get back to my regular schedule sooooon though and I have sooooo many great things to share with you!

(Ahem. I could [and probably should] pen the meme S**t Bloggers Say, in the vein of this Interweb hilarity, but OMG I'VE BEEN OPENING SO MANY PRESENTS, WHERE, OH, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Also, SHOEZ. So many shoes.)

(Also, truly apologize for the implied ** up there, but it's a meme, guys, and that's what it's called. I try to keep things relatively PG if at all possible.)

Aaaand we're off to a fantastic start of what will likely be my last post of the year 2011. Unlike previous years, I decided not to throw my hat into the ring of year-end music lists for a few reasons, the top three being: 1) I am lazy 2) the Internet universe is already clogged with capital-O Opinions regarding Top Ten whatevers and 3) I'm a grumpy old curmudgeon who felt that 2011 severely lacked in great music. blank-wave, I'm looking at YOU. You too, crunchy, bedroom-recorded, faux-nostalgic, shoegaze nouveau, triangle-art-festooned musical schlock.  So rather than expound upon my general disinterest with the whole franchise (too late!), I simply opted out. (For the record, Tune-Yards managed to escape  my ire. So there's a little popcorn kernel of positivity for all you Glee-loving, Millennial bleeding heart types.)

But! I do love me a Year In Review post. The photos, the latent longing, the fond remembrance...can't get enough. So awriiiight, here's my year in review.

2011 As It Pertained To Laurel Dailey: Pictures I've Taken, Places I've Gone, People I've Been With

There's me at the Rough Luxe Hotel in central London, looking like the cat who ate the canary

The ever lovely Madeleine from Click Models

(Top: Lake Tahoe, CA. Bottom: Alberta, Canada) 
I might seem outdoorsy. Don't be fooled. Being in nature is merely an excuse to wear fur and cool hats. 

A small sampling of a few of the weddings I was privileged to shoot this year

(Top: Near Joshua Tree, CA. Bottom: Occidental, CA)

Did I mention that communing with nature is also an excuse to wear stoner hoodies?

A few of my nearest and dearest: Jess, Dustin, Charlie, David

NATURE! Clockwise from top left: Near Bend, OR; near Bend, OR; Icefield Parkway, Alberta, Canada; Cherry Hill Winery, Oregon; field walking in Big Bear, CA; Alberta, Canada; near Bishop, CA

A couple of my favorite portraits this year. Keslie & Charlie

A few beasts in their natural habitat, clockwise from top left: Canada, Malibu, Fallen Leaf Lake, Hicksville Trailer Park, Santa Barbara

Lastly, my loved and sorely missed grandparents, Bob & Darline Hjort, who both passed away this summer. To me, this exuberant photo proves that certain apples don't fall far from certain trees. 

It's been nice, 2011. Here's hoping 2012 holds every bit as much adventure, exploring, and wild bears. 

(P.S. It goes without saying that I, Laurel Dailey of Laurel Dailey Photography & World Takeover Enterprises, have taken all of these photos myself, save for the few I happen to be in, in which case, many thanks to Jess, Jody, Ashley, Jenn and anyone else I may have foisted my gear on. Also, I didn't shoot the last image, obviously, because it was taken in the 50's.)


the style crusader said...

Absolutely in love with this post Laurel. Your year looks jam packed full of incredible moments. Can't wait to get a peek into your 2012.

p.s. you've inspired me to do a similar post...

Chuck said...

Ahaha, best 2011 music summary I've heard so far.

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