Big Red

Who says red should be used sparingly?

Come to think of it, I don't know whether anybody actually says that. But if they did, well, you know I'd stand to refute it with all this apparently unused vigor. Don't tell ME what I can and cannot wear! Bright colors for everyone!

Speaking of, I have been inspired lately by a bevy of intrepid women who have taken monochromatic dressing to the next level by pairing bold reds. So why not layer some of my best-hued brights, too? 'Tis the season, as they say. 

1. Sweater, Paul & Joe. 2. Watch, Seiko. 3. Nail polish, Essie. 4. Jeans, Madewell. 
5. Clutch, Celine. 6. Lipstick, MAC. 7. Foxtail, Modcloth. 8. Pumps, Miu Miu. 9. Bracelet, SATYA.

Images via (clockwise from top left): Hanneli, All The Pretty Birds, J.Crew, Isabel Marant, The Photodiarist 

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the style crusader said...

Love the collage and all the items you picked out. I would wear that outfit head-to-toe... only, maybe minus the fox tail?

I did see a girl trying to rock this head-to-toe red look once and it was so horribly awful. I think the key is to mix in neutral pieces. Oooo, that jumper and jeans and clutch and heels... sooo good. xx

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