Change, You Filthy, Demon Wench

Below is an iChat I shared with a friend today on the subject of our beloved house being put on the market. Our landlord dropped that friendly little bomb in our laps last week and the radiation fallout from that email has been lovely. To wit: I cried in front of our befuddled realtor when she stopped by shortly after we received word, triggered only by the innocent question, "How long have you guys lived here?" 

Fragile, thy name is Dailey. 


veri kurtarma said...

Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...

the style crusader said...

Oh man, I remember how much you loved this house. When do you have to be out? Can you do the 'favorite things of home' post before you go? We never did it and it only seems fitting now that you have to move.

If it's too sensitive of a subject still I will understand.

p.s. you are HILARIOUS. xx

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